Rubberised coir

The rubberised coir is a blend of springy untwisted fibre strands and compounded latex. The product finds use in niche sectors due its versatility and environmental friendly nature.


  • As a core medium in mattresses
  • As weed control mats


Length 0 to 2030 mm
Breadth 0 to 2030 mm
Thickness 6 mm to 140 mm
Density Medium Firm Extra Firm


Batch-wise quality checks are performed before every shipment. The parameters are strictly monitored in adherence to our policy.

  • Density
  • Resistance to ageing
  • Resistance to flexing
  • Dry rubber content
  • Ph value


Harish houses the facility to top or sandwich rubberised coir with flexible polyurethane foams and shaped to different geometric shapes.


  • Mattresses

  • Weed control

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