Coir Pot

Coir pot

Coir pots, also known as coco pots is a natural decomposable alternative for plastic pots. They are made out of natural coconut fibres that are held together using natural latex. The commitment to promote sustainable horticulture and gardening practices can be achieved through adapting to this product.


Base material Coconut fibre and compounded latex
Top diameter (mm) 101 mm 203 mm 254 mm
Height (mm) 90 mm 178 mm 220 mm
Net weight (grams) 55 g 350 g 475 g
Packaging In a corrugated box, strapped on a pallet
Why roots develop throughout in coir pots?

When a plant grows in a coir pot, a root tries to penetrate the pot wall. At this instance, the contact with atmosphere stops the root from penetrating, thus the root bud starts to develop throughout within the pot. Here in, the roots are aerially pruned within the pot.

  • Capable of being used as Inserts for Ceramic Pots

  • Faster and Stronger Plant

  • Can be Transplanted Directly into Ground, and the Pots Decompose

  • Pulls Excessive Moisture Away from Plant

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