Custom Substrates

Custom Substrates

According to the company policy, Harish creates customised substrate blends exactly matching to the need of every client. From its
expertise in the substrate field, we closely work with farmers for the best outcome creating an optimal growing medium for different plants.

  • Air Porosity

  • Percentage of
    Water Retention

  • Optimal Nutrition for a
    Healthy Growth

Substrate for

  • Propagation plants

  • Ornamental flowers

  • Green house vegetables

  • Berries

Harish has developed eight unique blends for clients in 21 different geographical locations in the globe. The percentage of
composition was derived after consulting the needs and practicality of farmers. The organic materials
constituting a blend are picked from the below.

  • Coir Pith
  • Husk Chips
  • Coco Crush
  • Short Coir Fibres


The plant specific substrate can be produced in either of the physical forms.

  • 5 Kg
  • 650 Grms
  • Grow Bags


  • We are soliciting enquiries for buffered substrate at the moment and aiming to serve you soon!


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